Mission Statement

The mission of the Cornwallis River Pathways Society is:

“To manage and maintain year-round trail facilities and encourage and promote the five core activities of walking, cycling, horseback riding, cross country skiing and snowmobiling, as well as other active transportation choices, as advocated by the Trans Canada Trail Foundation on the abandoned Dominion Atlantic Railway (DAR) railbed between the Kentville town line and the west side of Sharpe Brook near Cambridge Road, Kings County, Nova Scotia.” 


Here's an e-mail we received last year expressing appreciation for the work done on the trail.

"I'm a grade 12 student living in Cambridge, and I just wanted to say thank you, to whomever it may apply, for all the hard work that has been put into developing the trail here in Cambridge and in Coldbrook.

Since the work has been done I have found that I am out biking and enjoying some time outdoors far more than I was before. The trail looks great and the rest spots/bridges/trail signs/et cetera are all fantastic. It's so nice to be able to bike and enjoy the outdoors without listening to a constant din of traffic!

Thanks again,"

About Cornwallis River Pathways Society

When the Dominion Atlantic Railway abandoned its rail line through the Annapolis Valley in 1993, the rail line corridor was acquired by the Province of Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR). During the next ten years little was done to develop the rail line corridor as a recreational trail and it became an unregulated playground for off-highway vehicle (OHV) operators which created unacceptable conditions for many trail-side residents.

Over the winter of 2005/06, local home owners formed the Cornwallis Trails Committee (CTC) in response to a proposal by Kings County Trails Society to authorize OHV use along the corridor under the new Off-Highway Vehicles Act. CTC quickly gained strong community support and in 2006 it became Cornwallis River Pathways Society (CRPS). 

In March 2008 CRPS was awarded a Letter of Authority by the Minister of Natural Resources authorizing the society “to construct, maintain and operate a recreational trail and related facilities on the Crown owned segment of the former Dominion Atlantic Railway corridor from the westerly boundary of the Town of Kentville to the west side of Sharpe Brook”. The Letter of Authority stated that the trail was to be used for non-motorized recreational purposes except for seasonal snowmobile use. CRPS works closely with Annapolis Valley - Lake and Ridge Runners snowmobile club who are represented on our board of directors and take responsibility for winter trail grooming and other snowmobile related matters.

CRPS volunteers started construction work during the summer of 2008 with the removal of the bridges at Sharpe Brook and Spidle Brook. Both were in dangerous condition and had been closed by DNR in May. Following completion of both bridges, work started on Tupper Brook bridge. The wooden main beams were found to be in worse condition than expected and the bridge had to be completely replaced. All three bridges were completed by mid-September and the trail was officially opened by the Minister of Natural Resources. We have a gallery of pictures taken during construction on our "Photos" page.

During 2009 CRPS volunteers were busy with a number of tasks including putting up signs and installing gates to control unauthorized off-highway vehicle use. Work also started on grading the trail followed by resurfacing with a layer of crushed shale and this was completed early in 2010. The new surface has been enthusiastically welcomed by walkers and cyclists who are using the trail in increasing numbers. Three rest areas were constructed during 2010 allowing trail users to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area.

The trail was named "Cornwallis River Greenway" in March 2009 to identify it as an active transportation trail. Active transportation is increasingly being recognized as a cost-effective way of promoting healthy outdoor recreation and CRPS is committed to developing and promoting the trail for this purpose.


´╗┐Funding for development of the greenway was provided by the following government agencies:

  • National Trails Coalition
  • Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection
  • Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
  • Municipality of Kings County

Corporate Sponsors:

  • Michelin Tires Canada Ltd.
  • RBC Royal Bank
  • Shaw Resources Ltd.

We gratefully acknowledge the following companies who provided services and supplies:

  • Howard E. Little Excavating Ltd.
  • Rafuse Home Hardware Ltd.
  • Hall's Maritime Welding Ltd.
  • Scotian Gold Cooperative Ltd.
  • Quality Concrete Ltd.
  • Archie's Welding Ltd.

We also thank the Annapolis Valley Lake and Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club, John Durno, Bruce Durno and Coldbrook Community Association whose early support was crucial to development of the greenway.