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Here's a link to a Google Map of the greenway. As with all Google Maps, you can zoom in or out, use map or satellite view and, by clicking on the "pushpins" find out information about various features.

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Cornwallis River Greenway is a 6 km section of active-transportation trail managed by the Cornwallis River Pathways Society (CRPS). The trail runs through Coldbrook and Cambridge, Nova Scotia, along the old Dominion Atlantic Railway corridor. Although it passes close to several residential areas it offers access to scenic areas with opportunities to see a variety of wildlife.

Except for seasonal snowmobile use, off-highway vehicles are prohibited. Full details of acceptable uses are provided on the "Trail Use" page.

At its eastern end, the greenway connects to the  7 km Kentville Trail, a completely non-motorized active-transportation trail. To the west, once Sharpe Brook Bridge has been crossed, the trail is managed by Kings County Trail Society as a motorized trail where walkers and cyclists can expect to meet ATVs and trail bikes.